Faith-Inspiring Phone Cases

Prone to Wander LA is a company offers beautiful phone cases and home decor items all centered around God’s word and the Christian faith. They were kind enough to send me three awesome cases for

Personalized just for your gadget – GoCustomized

Having an expensive-to-replace smart phone has always kept me in search for good protective cases for it. I get bored of cases or they get stained or don’t protect well. I’ve done reviews

Maan Universal Flexible Long Arm Cell Phone Holder

I had high hopes for this flexible cellphone holder, but it isn’t what I expected. I had hoped to be able to clip this in the car for my toddler to watch videos when needed, but the flexible arm

King Precision Stylus Pen

I was so excited to try out this precision-style stylus with my new iPhone 6S Plus, but I am more than a little disappointed. Before I get into what was wrong I’ll tell you what I did like about

IYOOVI Digital Alarm Clock

My kids (mainly the oldest) love having a clock in their room, but empty, easy-to-reach plugs are scarce so for the longest time they haven’t had a clock. I am so happy with this

TunePhonik Portable Mini Speaker

Sometimes you just want a small external speaker to amplify the music from your phone or MP3 player. This week I tested out the TunePhonik Mini Portable Speaker. This little speaker has a lot of

Ruban® MacBook Pro 15″ 2 in 1 Soft-Touch Hard Case + Keyboard Cover

Having a cover of some sort on your computer is always a good idea. I didn’t always think so until I turned over my MacBook Pro and saw all the scratches. Yikes! So I was stoked to receive this

Tabletop Mini Tripod

Clovis Supply asked me to review this little tabletop tripod for small cameras, camcorders, GoPro, etc. Since I’ve been looking for a small setup for my GoPro I figured I’d try this one

Agent18 iPhone 5 5S SE Velocity Case

Agent18 sent me this cool purple Velocity Case to try on my iPhone 5. I know my phone is sadly outmoded, but this case also fits the iPhone 5S and the new iPhone SE. The Velocity case comes in several

64GB GorillaDrive Flash Drive

We bought this 64GB GorillaDrive Flash Drive for my son, an avid little photographer, to store his photos on so they wouldn’t take up room on my computer. His dad has one just like it so he

Roku 2

What led to this purchase: We don't have cable (too far out in the country) and satellite TV isn't in the budget. We do subscribe to Netflix and we have Amazon Prime too, but our outmoded BluRay