My name is Sara and I want to thank you for visiting Crooked Creek Life! Welcome to our family, farm, and homeschool adventures as well as reviews.

We live on a small pecan farm in Georgia where we are raising and homeschooling our five kids (nicknamed for the purpose of this blog: Booger, Smidget, Lulu, Drewdle, and Dosh) and they range in age from teenager to toddler. Having five kids AND homeschooling probably makes us one of “those” families, but I promise we aren’t too weird. To add to the chaos, in 2018 our then 9-year old son suffered from a brain injury, so we are also a special needs family.

I’ve always thought of myself as a “Jill-of-all-trades” but recently this quote by Evel Knievel (who would have thought I’d quote him?? LOL!) has resonated with me. My small business is a work of love that comes from a deep need to create (and sometimes share what I create). I love to create things: beautiful things, useful things, challenging things, new things, etc. The list goes on. I regularly see something new I want to learn to do, do the research, and do it just because I want to prove to myself that I can master it. Sometimes it ends up in my store, and sometimes it doesn’t.

On my blog, you’ll probably get whatever pops into my head or if something interesting comes across my desk. I love to write – I have a collection of unfinished books I’m always working on – but I also love crafty things like epoxy crafts, planning, working with my Cricut, quilting, brush lettering, painting, etc. I’ve been known to take a decent photo every now and then when I think to pull out the DSLR instead of just using my phone. If I’m in the kitchen it’ll be to make kid food (think PB&J/fish sticks) or something of the dessert sort. Hubby is the chef and everyone is happier if I leave it to him.