Simplified Watercolor Classes & Workbooks from Emily Lex

No idea how to get started with painting and you just want a medium that is both simple to use and simple to learn? Simplified Watercolor is for you!
DIY AG Doll Glitter Tumblers

Tutorial: DIY AG Doll Glitter Tumblers

This weekend I’ve been making some glitter ornaments. They are so fun and easy to make! While I was working on them Lulu gave me a great idea: Doll Glitter Tumblers! Supply List Polyurethane

School’s Out, Craft’s In with Deflecto® (+freebie!)

If you’ve been through my blog much at all you’ll know I love all things crafty.  I’m not artistic, but I love to craft!  I’ve probably dabbled in a bit of everything

Zirrly Super Beads (Review)

My kiddos love fuse beads (the kind you iron) but they always need me to do the ironing part. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some fuse beads that didn’t need to be ironed? Well there

Magic Stix Washable Markers Review

Do your little artists love to use markers but forget to put the caps back on? The fun folks at The Pencil Grip, Inc. have come up with a solution: markers that don’t dry out even if the cap is

Taking my Bullet Journal on the go!

Bullet journalling has been a great thing for me. When I first started last month I wondered if I would keep it up and so far I have. I really enjoy using the habit tracker to hold me accountable for

Starting My 2018 Bullet Journal

Confession of the day: I am obsessed with office supplies. Paper, notebooks, planners, sticky notes, pens, markers, pencils, etc. I could tell you about what I have, how I use them, and what I plan to

ColorTime Color-and-Glow Tote

Halloween and Fall Festivals are just one of the fun things about Fall. Although it is still in the 80s here in Georgia, I’m still getting excited for Trick-or-Treating as are my kids! ColorTime

BIC® Velocity® Max Mechanical Pencils

When you love school and office supplies like I do, you’ve tried a lot of pencils. I figured these wouldn’t be much different than all the other mechanical pencils I have, but I was

The Ultimate List of Free Brush Letter Practice Sheets

Brush lettering is all the rage among crafters, bullet journalers, and more! Check out this HUGE list of FREE brush letter practice sheets!

Detier Dry Erase Calendar Magnet

If you are like me and prefer a reusable calendar to paper calendars (I always forget to change the month) then you would enjoy this Detier Dry Erase Calendar Magnet. Here are some of the fun

Super Markers Twin-Tip Broad-Liner Set

Do back-to-school the right way with this awesome 100 piece marker set from U.S. Art Supply. Super Markers are twin-tipped, so one side is a medium point while the other end is a chisel tip. With

The Coloring Notebook

I’ve always been a kid at heart when it comes to coloring. Until recently, with the new trend of coloring books for adults I settled for coloring along with my kids. No matter what you like to

Inspirational Coloring for Mom

Have you tried the newest “thing”? I’m talking about coloring books for Mom’s (or any adult who loves to color). While I’ve always loved coloring along side my kids

Warm & Natural Quilt Batting

Warm & Natural is my favorite quilt batting. It is soft and easy to work with. Out of the package it is usually wrinkled and creased from being folded, but it smoothes out easily without

Blami Arts Liquid Chalk Markers

I wasn’t sure what to expect when Blami Arts sent me these markers to review. I’ve used paint markers before, but not the chalk kind. I’ve seen those adorable chalk signs around the

Paper Mate Mates 1.3mm Mechanical Pencils

2 of 5 stars These pencils are great: 1) Ergo dynamically perfect for little fingers 2) Thicker lead rarely breaks BUT there are two BIG problems with the leads: 1) The leads are only about